We live in a multitude of of overlapping and intersecting communities.  For many years before moving to Victoria in 2015, I lived in Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of BC in the rural Okeover area. Okeover is a distinct community with a lots of interesting, diverse facets. The Okeover Ratepayers Association is the democratic voice of the residents and businesses in the area that have joined together to ensure that this neighbourhood's interests are represented. 


Viewing Powell River from a step further back, the influence of the paper mill can be seen.  The Catalyst Paper Company-Community Stakeholders Committee is a forum to review and discuss how the mill and the community interact. 


Our community members have immediate needs, whether it involves finding a job, having a place to find help when times are tough, becoming part of a new community, learning the language, raising healthy and socially well adjusted children, increasing literacy or fighting addiction. For over 30 years PREP Society, an organization 


Recognizing and embracing our diversity is another part of keeping our community healthy and strong.  Powell River Diversity Initiative (PRDI) understands the importance of fighting discrimination and promoting diversity. It has numerous educational and action projects that promote understanding and inclusion of all people of all races, national origins, genders, gender identites, religions, ages and other characteristics. One main focus is to advance the process of reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal residents and overcoming misconceptions within the non-Aboriginal community.

Our community is dependent on competent and engaged elected officials. Powell River Voices is an organization that promotes civic democracy and education. It promotes citizen engagement and offers speakers, presentations, workshops and other assistance to help improve the transparency of government and responsiveness to the needs of the citizens. 

The Powell RIver Community Foundation is concerned about the vitality of Powell River today as well as into the foreseeable future. Its mission is to build an endowment that will help fund immediate worthwhile projects and will be there to continue to fund projects of benefit to the community for generations to come.  The Community Foundation also reports on the Vital Signs of Powell River and gives leadership to local groups to help them get resources to advance their missions.


Former Powell River
Community Positions:


  • Secretary-Treasurer, Okeover Ratepayers Association (ORA)


  • Chair, Catalyst Paper Company-Community Stakeholders Committee


  • President, Powell River Employment Program Society (PREP)


  • Secretary-Treasurer, Powell River Diversity Initiative (PRDI)


  • Member, Powell River Voices


  • Vice-President, Powell River Community Foundation

  • Manager, Powell River's Vital Signs