The great philosophers ask, "How do we live a meaningful life?"  For me, there is no single answer, but being engaged in diverse activities makes life interesting and satisfying.  I invite you to explore these activities.  Click on a title for more details. 



I assist non-profit and business organizations with guided meetings, strategic planning and other facilitated processes. I also help governments and public bodies with consultations and information exchange.

Conflict Resolution


I work with community and non-profit organizations to resolve internal disputes. I also work on large or multi-party conflicts involving communities, governments and corporations.

The Symphony


I love music.  Jazz, blues, early rock, symphonies and chamber music really excite me. I lend my organizational skills to help the annual PRISMA symphony academy and festival.

Civil Liberties


The difference between democracies and other forms of government is the guaranty of civil liberties. I am working with the BC Civil Liberties Association on a host of projects to protect our cherished democratic rights and liberties.



Sustainable agriculture means increasing the food security of local communities, growing affordable, nutritious food and respecting the environment. I work with SALSA and Full Circle Farm to advance sustainable farming.



I am on the board of organizations promting social services, diversity, community support, and neighbourhood unity. I am active in efforts to support First Nations reconciliation and justice and to advance civic democracy and education.